Grappling – Using The Law As A Mirror

Grappling – Using The Law As A Mirror

Way back in confirmation class, we learned the 3 functions of the Law (curb, mirror and guide).  We were given just the basics, really, and it was literally decades later before I was able to distinguish between the first use (curb) and the third use (guide) – they seemed almost interchangable to my mind.  But the second use of the Law, that one I fully understood.  We were taught that the second use of the Law is the primary use of the Law, that it functioned as a mirror to show us our sin and to show us our need for a Saviour.  We used the acronym “S.O.S.” to help us remember the two components of the second use, and how they are connected in the life of the Christian.

In this video, Pastor Wolfmueller discusses how he uses the 10 Commandments as a “diagnostic test” in his devotional life – he breaks the commandments down into a series of diagnostic questions to meditate on as a means of acknowledging our own sin. This is meant to be a devotional exercise, a way to prepare our hearts and focus our minds on what we ought to pray for.


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  1. Have you ever watched Ray Comfort and his “Are you a good person?” test? If not I suspect this is about what you are talking about. I haven’t watched the video yet, but I bet it’s just a more cerebral version of Ray Comfort. He’s amazing. Many don’t like his style, but personally he’s almost a hero to me.


    1. No, I hadn’t heard of Ray Comfort (but I just googled him!) and yep, it looks similar except he appears to be using it for evangelism, where this one is more meant for daily Christian life. So for example for the 5th commandment the question is “What am I angry about?” to get yourself to focus on what’s going on in your life right now, to reflect on the areas in your life where you need (for lack of a better word) “improvement”.

      So today, when I ask myself, what am I angry about, I the first thing that comes to mind is I am angry with my doctor for ditching my appointment today without calling. (Yeah, she really did that.) And I’m angry with my son for sticking me with the kids at the last minute without checking with me first. So those things would make my “prayer list”; I would then want to be praying that God forgive my doctor and my son for wronging me (petty though it is) and that God would turn my heart back towards them with patience and kindness.

      So in this way, as I go through each of the commandments, I see clearly what I need to pray for, both for my neighbour and myself.

      I have long been in the habit of using the 10 Commandments as a “guide” for examining myself before Communion, but using it as a daily devotional tool is a new one for me.

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